Thursday, July 2, 2009

My first blog post

Hi! I want to talk about making things. I want to talk about knitting, beading, decoupage-- well, I've only met one craft that I didn't like. So I usually want to talk about all the rest of them. What do you like? Maybe I'll start.

Today, I like photography. I never was any good at it until I bought the Kodak Easy Share camera to take pictures of the jewelry I made and stuff, and now I don't ever go anywhere without it. I use it to take pictures of things that I see that I'd like to share with my family later, and I actually do use it to take pictures of my crafts. And my husband's incredibly strange garden, which, isn't really so strange if you know Pat, who is, himself, strange. You'll probably be hearing a lot about Pat later, he's a very creative person with a lot of ideas. *sigh* between us, our ideas sometimes take over our house. And potential junk is usually regarded as potentially something else someday, so it does not go out in the trash.

So, since we're talking about photography, have a look at the picture at the top of my post. Isn't that an amazing photograph? I had no idea what I was doing. This was supposed to just be a picture of the wire bead necklace, but I stuck it in the giant clamshell on my mother's porch and put some shells and seaglass sent to me by a friend in Alaska (thank you, Ivy!), and somehow, it just worked! And it's gorgeous! It didn't sell the necklace, though. But it did start something amazing that ultimately led to Ampersand3665. Damn the internet that just won't let you use a name somebody else used a variation of. Oh well.

I have a couple of projects started now. I have a bracelet project that was already a bracelet, but despite the fact that it ROCKED, bore no relationship to real life. So I hacked it apart and started again. Afraid I'll never like it again the way I did at first, but maybe it will be actually wearable. And I wanted a circular peyote stitch bracelet, you know, like a tube? So I made one, and it collapsed when bent. Oh, that's right, you're supposed to put cord or something in the middle. Hacked that one apart too. And there is the really loud green and purple socks on the needles. And the gorgeous, well, potentially gorgeous baby blanket being crocheted for a pregnant friend. Right now, there are 3. Who gets this might depend on who drops a kid first. Is that really all the current projects? Well, there's the etsy store, and this blog. the store is pretty cool, you can see it here- www.ampersand3665/
I'm going to get the widget that connects the blog and the store, but not yet. I'm always frustrated by what I want to do and my abilities to do it. So the store is good, but the blog will get better as I learn.

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