Monday, September 28, 2009

Too many projects, running out of plates

This may not sound like a real problem, but it is. And solving it requires me to place unwavering faith in my cat.

This is Dinah, and in her world, the floor is made of lava. She moves around the house from chair to table to ledge, the dryer and so forth, only coming to earth near her food bowl. Then she settles down in the kitchen on a step stool to listen to the cupboards. Really.

I made things with beads, tiny little seed beads, and I dump them into plates. Oh, you're seeing where this is going now, right? Yep. Too many plates of beads. And a cat that doesn't walk on the floor. I tell myself that if I find them on the floor in the morning it's my own damn fault. Dinah, bless her, has the delicate feet of a dancer and exquisite balance to boot.

My ongoing project lately has been a fascination with tubular peyote stitch. I started beading around pens. A friend inquired "Since you can bead around a pen, can you make me a snake?"

Oh, maybe, says I, send me a picture. And at that point, I lost it. I got all carried away with myself and her story about the snake and the next thing you know, I've got a lifesize bull snake with pink crystal eyes. It was hard. It was all kinds of things I never thought of before. I didn't charge anywhere NEAR enough, but I learned a huge amount in the process.

I will post pictures after it has got where it's going, I took a bunch before coaxing it into a box for shipping.

Meantime, here's one of the bracelet that was inspired by the snake inspired by the pen.

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