Monday, October 12, 2009

Halloween is Teh Scary

Halloween is sort of my favorite holiday. I love it because you can dress up and stuff and nobody thinks you're wierd. I, however, never seem to make it to the dressing up stage. I think up an awesome costume and then something happens, like I'm missing something and then poof! it never happens.

It happened well one time, though, a number of years ago. Here's a picture I call "Halloween with the Master"

Yep, that beautiful sexy witch is yours truly, and the teh scary man is an actor friend of mine who was really good at the scary makeup, he'd actually already lost the prosthetic chin by the time this picture was taken. It was the best party I've ever been to, though, for a lot of reasons.                                                                

So, I've been making Halloween stuff this year, here are the tiny earrings:

and the spider, yes he's purple. I was going for non-threatening, and the flock has since expanded to include silver and gold. That's my witches' hat he's perched on, isn't it the best?   He has a stickpin in his butt, that's the silver thing you can see under him, so you can wear him on your shoulder, or on your hat, for that matter.

Little tiny pieces of paper hold endless fascination for me, so I make sure I have as many of them as I can find room for in my filing system. That means that I have millions, maybe literally. This is what I do with them:

Amazing, right? And incredibly useful. I didn't even make that one for me, and it's got can tabs in it already. Oh well, guess I'd better make another one.
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  1. I love these things, especially the containers. They are so original and of course I love anything connected to Samhain.