Thursday, October 1, 2009

What You Can Do With an Etsy Store

What can you do with an etsy store? Well, the sky is the limit, my friends, and I'm slowly, slowly scaling the mountain. I have to sell stuff to make room for the stuff I keep on making. Oh, you can say "well, you make jewelry, that doesn't take up much room" and you would be WRONG! Jewelry making requires huge amounts of room, what with all the boxes of beads, findings, threads, broken jewelry to make other jewelry out of, and the fact that I never throw anything away, no matter how useless, because soon as I do, I will desperately need it. My crafting does not stop at jewelry.

There is THE YARN. Anybody with a yarn stash knows exactly what I am talking about. It's ubiquitous. It's everywhere. It takes up huge Rubbermaid totes that keep ending up in the leaky, rusting shed. That is not my fault, nor does it hurt the yarn, but still. and there I am at midnight with a flashlight, yet again. Then there is the storage of half made projects, or things that did not work out quite right. Then there are the finished objects, or fo as we call them, that just need one little thing to make them finished, but somehow there is never time. Yarn is a committment.

I like broken furniture. Or it would seem that I like broken furniture for the amount of it that I have, inside and out , is simply staggering. Well, you could sit on that chair I guess, but don't rock, don't tilt it back on 2 legs (I know it won't hold you. I built that cheap-ass chair and I'm no mechanic) but keep it there at the table to hold knitting magazines on the seat and photographs, the pens that seem to leap into existence every time I look away, a pack of gum and the pretty turquoise foil that just needs to be made into something---.

I'm lucky. My family loves me. They pat me on the head and they say "This is Mom/Rowan and she's nuts. But we love her". Thanks, guyz. really.

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