Saturday, October 10, 2009

It's a funny thing to be famous for

I got called "the lady who makes the skullies". Isn't it a funny thing to be famous for? But I make them, and I sell them in my etsy store, and I've sold quite a few sets between the new store and the 2 other stores that I attempted to use, but never loved. Not like I love my new store. Ampersand is the symbol for "and" that sort of resembles an ess or an eee. &&&&& that guy right there. To me it means "this and that and the other thing" and what it really means is that I can make and sell in the same store anything I can dream up, it's not a jewelry store, it's not a recycled items store, it's not a de-stash store (though I'm considering that one seriously). My mind races sometimes with all the possiblities out there, things that can be made out of other things and then shared with the world. I keep my prices small so things will leave me and go to good homes quickly (not having a lot of success with that one yet) and so that I can move along to my next idea. Currently I'm causing confetti all over my house cutting pictures out of magazines and catalogs to feed my decoupage/collage habit. Hopefully you will see the results of the storm soon!                                   

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